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Quick thought 💭 

Our honest thoughts to master Instagram in a nutshell... 

It's social media, right? So be SOCIAL!!! Honestly being social, talkative and interactive like its intended for and you will be rewarded. If your not making the most of ALL the features Instagram provides - comments, likes, shares, stories, reels and so on - you're losing their game. 

Also, if they bring a new feature or tool out, guess what - MAKE USE OF IT. For example: recently they released Reels for the 10th anniversary, the accounts that made the most of Instagram reels have been seeing huge success! It's because its new, so they're going to prioritise this content to encourage the use of it! Why do you think they released it?!?!

Hash-Tagging #️⃣ 

Very simple but EXTREMELY powerful.

Hashtags have been around since the birth of Instagram, they have been (and still are) a fantastic tool to grow your organic reach. If you're not adding niche focused hashtags you're really missing out! 

Although it's very easy to implement, it can be tedious to source/type out effective Hashtags. Here's my suggestions,

Per post you should aim for no more than 9 tags on the caption (keeps it neat), laser focus these 9 to be highly targeted. After you should make use of sending a comment on your own post to make up the remaining 21. You should keep these relevant to your post & page.

Furthermore you should appropriately source a selection of big audience tags to small audience tags. Smaller ones would be considered your highly targeted tags


  • 1k-25k 
  • 25k-50k
  • 50k-100k
  • 100k-250k
  • 250k-1M

I'd recommend not going above 1M as the reach becomes fierce with competition and even destined posts will struggle to win! Landing a smaller niche Hashtag is easier to do and will push all your hashtags along.

After you've found some good Hashtag combinations (2-6) you should save them in your notes so you can reuse later, hassle free and save time!

The key factor to getting your hashtags seen and selected for the explore page will be down to how much engagement you get! Currently the order of importance goes as follows Saves | Shares | Comments | Likes.

Make use of our Engagement groups here:

Story Tactics 🏞

Instagram are constantly adding new filters, effects and extra's. They want them used, so play by their rules!

For example: We've had a crazy few years with COVID-19, try using the Vaccine sticker underneath or subtly hidden on your story to create the POPPING purple visuals! Why? Because it attracts the attention, you literally jump out Infront of all the other boring stories and draw the attention to your own!

Another great way to boost your engagement through stories - make compelling 'would you rather' polls, fun games using polls or interactive Q&As.
At first it may seem a scary step to have your following engage with you but this is a great way to start it all off and grow a more interactive account where your followers will become loyal to you. 

General Tips & Tricks ⚙️

(Coming Soon...)

Don't buy Follower 🙅‍♂️

Buying followers may seem good, however it will RUIN you in the long run. The problem isn’t actually just paying money to get followers (we all know it takes a huge weight to have real growth campaigns backing your account) the problem is the market. Most followers you can buy are fake accounts. Dead accounts will only HARM your own accounts growth and throw ALL your statistics off! Yeah it may look great but it's only ruining your account long term.

We operate daily growth campaigns with REAL ACTIVE accounts every single day! This will be the SAFE recommendation to buy followers. You can get a spot on our admin list (All participants have to follow you to be able to partake).
Very cheap/reasonable prices for the hard work going in everyday.


You can choose your duration on the admin list and change/cancel in telegram anytime you please! You will be given a support group filled with other paying members where you can chat and discuss anything directly with our Team, daily. We will present you with before and after and take real care and consideration for your duration with our growth service. 

We have a guarantee for you as well. If we don’t hit it, you WILL be kept on rotation until we make those numbers happen. (See on plans through above link). 

That's the smart way to grow, real active accounts 🤝

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