General Info

Q: What is FLYTE?

FLYTE developed (and continues to expand) automated engagement groups on Telegram (a free messenger app).

An exclusive community of Instagram users who're supporting one another.

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Q: Who is FLYTE for? 

FLYTE is for everyone who wants to improve their Instagram engagement & page statistics.

All IG users benefit. Drawing in collaboration opportunities, sales and much more!

Q: How is FLYTE different?

Unlike WhatsApp and other platforms, our Telegram groups have a smart structure with AI software to ensure the engagement is returned and no one is overwhelmed with keeping up or required to follow anyone. We also offer powerful IG rewards which instantly gets you serious results!

FLYTE Basics

Q: How do FLYTE groups work?

When you wish to get engagement, use our Telegram groups. You request a recent list of links, you will need to engage with them. Once you have completed the engagement, you will be aloud to send your link into the group. The next users engage with your link.

Our groups are automated, members can post links 24/7.

Q: How do I use FLYTE groups?

It’s so simple you already know how to use it. 

When you become a member, you're sent a welcome message. In this message will be access to the easy step by step picture guidance. This will be everything you need.

Further help and support can be easily found within the groups. 

Q: How do I invite my friends?

Simply recommend our website for them to become a member.

To maximise your benefits be sure to see our Rewards page.

Safety & Security

Q: How secure is FLYTE?

We chose Telegram for a number of reasons. A highlight was security.

We make use of new/old tools available to ensure the best safety standards are met, ensuring our members a safe enviroment.

To further secure members, our AI software only accepts safe links. Removing trackers and minimizing opportunities for misusing our network. 

Those looking for extra privacy have extended security tools within their own Telegram settings.


Q: Will I get bothered by others?

We use aggressive anti-spam features inside our larger groups (+200). We recommend updating your Telegram settings to ensure you’re not bothered by spam messages or promotional messages. 

Members inside our groups can and may contact you from your use inside our groups. We strongly advise to ignore anyone reaching out. 

If you're, or know of members that are being bothered, you can report them anonymously here for further investigations/actions.


Q: How are you keeping users safe?

Telegram is an ultra safe app. Paired with our Incredibly smart AI Admin you will be 99% safe.

We can’t control how a member intends to use the access to your posts / Instagram page though - however - we have a support group. This group is intended for general support and for keeping each other safe.

You can also report all your concerns directly to us anonymously. We take all concerns seriously and will act upon threats to your safety, ensuring a safe environment for all users

Report concerns here