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Within our Memberships are access to groups filled with like minded individuals. The Groups are easy. If and when you'd like to boost a post on Instagram, you'll simply tap the link icon in chats which opens the FLYTEAIBOT. Tap start - this will send you the list of the previous users with what is required. Complete the requirements fully and then you'll be able to post your link.
To post a link go onto your Instagram, tap on the post you'd like to boost, then tap the three dots at the top right hand side of your post, look for/tap "copy link". Come back into the chat room and paste your link, then delete everything after the last "/" in your link. If you completed the list of links correctly you shouldn't have any issues. There's an in chat support group if you need any more support or help.
Regardless of what membership you've chosen - you have to allow other people to post before you can post again. To make the group function you need to wait for a whole list cycle in between. for example if there's 10 on the list, leave a gap of 10 other posts.

Tips & Tricks

You're aloud to boost old or new & repeats (depending on the membership plan).

If you want to ride the algo, look for the time where the group you're in seems to be most actively posting. Schedule your post around this time.

We'd recommend this order: Schedule post - copy link - open telegram chat - paste and make link safe (copy again) - tap and complete list - paste your safe link.

To get the most benefits for a chance to rank your hashtags and hit the explore page you'll need to boost your post straight away, the more you can get from it when its first posted the better your chances of hitting the explore page will be. We estimate 0-6 hours to be the window, however the exact sweet spot or window has never been defined due to the ever changing rhythms. We have still seen a post get good exposure even after this time so please don't feel defined to this timeframe - People who posted a few days ago might see a bump in their stats!

Spamming will shut your chances down, be careful (not on telegram - you can use the groups viciously there as long as you keep the minimum distance between each post). Instagram groups are great however for engagement not so much as they used to be. Recently Instagram's techs and specialists adapted the algorithm so they're now able to detect and shut off the 'viral' chances of users that spam in Instagram groups. This is why we're safely operating from telegram with a controlled environment. The algo can't track where your engagement came from!

So spread the word and grow our community on telegram - get your friends involved, we pay you! you can earn yourself a free spot or continue to make yourself a side income! 

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