TG April Updates


Start your sustainable engagement journey with us and become the influencer you deserve. Join a loving community of women where you will never have to ask for engagement again.

  • Unlimited comments, likes and shares
  • Controlled environment 
  • Easy to use format
  • Fast support available



What a great welcoming atmosphere! A very friendly, easy going community that doesn't force you to follow anyone! You don't have to keep up with engagement either. Join and engage when you want to get engagement - come and go as you please. 

You will also get access to all the groups in the FLYTE network!

DM us here @instantflyte for the group




Join the small team on this project and grow it for yourself and for everyone using the FLYTE network! We are aiming to hit 200,000 amazing women from all over the globe.

You will be debriefed and given the tools you need to get started

Here's the tasks/goals;

Daily 🎯

•200+ new messages sent
•Proof sent in correct format

Weekly 🎯

• 100 users in telegram group

- Bonuses 🕊🤍
• 150 users = £10 each
• 200 users = £50 each

- weekly goals start Monday and end Sunday ✅

Well-being 🎯

• A form of daily meditation 🧘‍♀️
- 10+ minutes

DM our Instagram @instantflyte to get started




All FLYTE groups will become private. This is to ensure further safety to all our users.

Your safety is our priority

- access links will be encrypted and unavailable to the public eye.

This will not make a difference to anyone using the groups already. It will stop any unwanted attacks or misuse of our growing community.


Our likes group is full of inactive members from when we started growing without having the simplicity we do now. Unfortunately we lost a lot of members from this.

- closing it and reopening a new chat to get the active users in

- we will have a security method at the entrance of the new likes group to ensure you’re going to be a real user of the group


If you have any questions about this update please chat directly to @itsflyte


Thankyou for using

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