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What is an Influencer?

In most people's eye an influencer can be defined by someone who has influence over others. In social media this normally means their own following. Influencers are commonly referred to as content creators, bloggers, vloggers, and or leaders (among many other headlines dependent on the type).

It really doesn't matter how many followers you have.

If you had 100,000 and none of them interacted with you (bot or dead accounts from dodgy paid for followers) you would maybe be perceived to the naïve that you're an 'influencer' however you wouldn't fool your favourite brands or any switched on users - you would just look like you have a fake account! If you have 100 followers but influenced all of them and had a highly engaging and loyal follow base consistently BOOM. You're a bigger influencer than the 100,000k account.

Regardless of followers, you can't be a true influencer if you don't influence your audience. 

Good Influencers are typically good creatives with wonderful posts, engaging content and visually pleasing pages. They don't just influence they inspire others around them with the vibrations they emit. They're very likable people because they treat their 'fans' with respect and consideration.


Influencers are often categorized by their reach. It's good to come to terms with common terminologies used.

Micro, macro, celebrity.

A micro influencer is referenced when describing influencers with a smaller following on social media. Macro influencers have a much larger following. Celebs are celebs right? These can normally been defined as reputably known about individuals. people you will hear and see over TV, Radio, newspapers all social media etc.

The baseline guide would be as follows:

  • Micro Influencers: between 1k-100k Followers
  • Macro Influencers: between 100k-1 million Followers
  • Celebrity Status: Any but normally they'd have over 1 million Followers

The guide


To receive engagement, consider what makes you engage with others: good content that fits your interest. To reach your target audience, use the hashtag skills mentioned in the (Tips and Tricks) that fit the theme of this post. It is important to keep themes throughout your profile, from the hashtags to between posts. Using a similar colour scheme and similar props will make it aesthetically pleasing for your audience and encourage them to follow and provide continuous engagement. 

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Liking, commenting, saving posts also boosts the algorithm with posts. Liking is the last useful although most received due to the ease of this, and makes your feed look good however doesn’t boost the reach of posts or contribute positively towards the algorithm. Engaging with other people’s posts 15 minutes before and after you post not only allows your post to reach further but encourages people to return this engagement to a similar standard. Comments of 3+ words are most beneficial and show interest in your content so by delivering this to others you are likely to receive it. The best form of engagement is saving (ideal feature to receive). It shows people want to see your content consistently. Ensuring the target audience is reached will help you with saves, as this is the content they want to view.


The right hashtags really work as explained in the Tip and Tricks section but the importance of this is so high it needs reiterating. It is so important to use hashtags that relate to your post and the theme of it or Instagram will not show it to your target audience. Use approximately 10 hashtags in the caption of your post and 15/20 in the comments - although you want to meet the same target audience, use different hashtags in every post to reach a broader audience and new followers. Smaller hashtags that have been used 10,000 - 100,000 times are ideal as your post is more likely to be found rather than disappear in the millions. 


To start winning collaboration opportunities with the brands you love, you need to act professional and ask yourself 'why am I right for them.'

What's your account bio like? Are you presenting yourself well? Why do you feel you're right for them? Have you got the engaging audience? Do you know how to access statistics & insights? 

These are the questions you'll need to start asking and answering yourself. Once you start treating your bio as a resume (keeping it fun and personal to you, your interests and your goals) You will start showcasing yourself appropriately. This doesn't mean to lie and pretend you're passionate about eyelashes or gym etc if you aren't - just to try and trick them into thinking you're right for them, NO! Be yourself. Yes bio's change over time as you adapt, grow and understand what you want or just if your circumstances change but don't be that guy/girl who continually changes their whole interests weekly.

Brands know what to look for and you better know they're keeping an eye on your account. Even if they say not right now but maybe in the future. Know what that means? It means they're keeping an eye on your account, maybe how frequently your posting, making stories or changing your stats. They're smart you can't fool real established brands they're wealthy enough to have a whole team of experts to know what warning signs etc to look for. SO BE GENUINE. They're normally over the moon when an influencer comes to them that they perceive as suited or ideal for what they're after.

You CAN'T always get the deals/opportunities you'd love, because, well quite simply, wrong time, wrong place! That's just how the cookie crumbles! However if you were rejected don't be disheartened, either continue to pursue and ask them what are they looking for, so maybe one day you can work towards achieving what you need to qualify in their eyes or accept that you're not ideal for this particular brand and move to another. Remember, before you reach out blindly tp any brand, make sure you assess your own page and present to them why you could be of use. For example, if you wanted a deal with gym shark - are you ever posting gym related content or do you showcase a fit and healthy lifestyle?

Never expect free gear, unless you're a macro influencer with a good engagement rate. They will get loads of applicants wanting free gear because they have 10k followers and think they deserve it, not always the case. Yes some makeshift sweet brands, cheap items handmade, local brands or other small companies may be happy to have micro influencers for free (if they get a good return). remember it costs out of their pocket to do this - so be very respectful and make sure you and the collaborators are happy with what will happen ( I.E. How many posts, how long you rep etc) if you're sent free gear.

To land free gear from official brands is a different game. They're not looking to give you free gear unless you're a celebrity or have a macro influence over 100s of thousands of people. They may in some cases have testers or samples they'd be happy to send out instead. It really depends on the brand and their marketing strategy + capital etc.

Start by accepting the offers you get/hunt for, as the more collabs you can say you've done successfully, the more valuable you're to other brands - If you get a brand thanking you for your influence or praising you for it you can take this into your next opportunity.

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To become an influencer you MUST have an engaging audience. Growing likability and credibility takes time. Begin to utilise/apply all of this guide + all additional resources we give you (tips& tricks section is very resourceful).

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