TG May Updates

Premium Memberships

We have finally released our premium services! This will be available from our sales Telegram bot. For those who're too busy to engage with others, now we have an option for YOU!

We have devoted an entire page to the new premium user plans -  explaining everything about these exciting premium services! 

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FL🕊TE Famous

Every month we will be selecting a users instagram page to promote on our main page!!! You cannot request this, It’s chosen by FLYTE and given to users who have been recognised.

To be chosen, you’ll need the following:

    • Have a pleasing well organised page
    • Using all the groups frequently
    • Over 1k followers


Tweaks in our groups

  • Updated welcome message

- includes direct support

- includes support chat link

  • Updated posted user message

- dove with green tick

  • Updated many of the warning messages

- more friendly and comprehendible 



Join the small team on this project and grow it for yourself and for everyone using the FLYTE network! We are aiming to hit 200,000 amazing women from all over the globe.

You will be debriefed and given the tools you need to get started

Here's the tasks/goals;

Daily 🎯
•50+ minimum* (15mins) ✔️
•Proof sent in correct format ✔️

Weekly 🎯
• 80 users in telegram group ✔️
Hitting ^ rewards the hardest working admin FL🕊 TE's honour of the week 💖

- weekly goals start Monday and end Sunday ✅

Bonuses 🕊🤍
• 120 users = 150+ followers ✔️
• 160 users = £10 ✔️
• 200 users = £50 ✔️
Those who hit the week at 200+ messages daily can claim ^

- weekly goals start Monday and end Sunday ✅

Well-being 🎯
• A form of daily 🧘‍♀️✔️
- 10+ minutes

DM our Instagram @instantflyte to get started




If you have any questions about this update please chat directly to @itsflyte


Thankyou for using

Share us to your friends or network ✔️ (get rewards)

Have a great Month!

If you haven't joined FLYTE* 

Enter your email from the Home Page

Thank you for using FLYTE's Telegram Groups

Have a wonderful week ahead!


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  • Working within the TOS of Instagram. All services include genuine users