TG June Updates


NEW Niche groups Available 

  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Fashion

These are new and growing. We have a welcoming atmosphere in all our groups and we have carried the same formula from our other popular groups so they’re going to work the same way.

These will all have a smaller list size of 6 users to speed up turnover time and be less effort to engage with every time you want a targeted niche boost. You can still rack up comments by reposting every list cycle!

To find out more about these groups you can see our latest posts on IG and highlighted stories! 

DM us @instantflyte to join Now!


🤖 New AI System*

We Have been developing a new method to get users into the groups for everyone using our network. This will speed up the response times for everyone. Improving everyone’s engagement!

We were doing this with admins and ourselves, but it was too repetitive and tiresome to maintain and sustain - so we had decided to make our own artificial methods involving AI to get this mundane task complete without any effort. 

Here's the tasks/goals;

Daily 🎯
•500+ minimum* (New messages) ✔️

Weekly 🎯
• 50+ new users in telegram group ✔️

Visions of the future 🔮

We are going to be releasing our new AI to the users in the form of paid services to reward our developer team with the hard work they put in towards this huge development project. There’s going to be a few different plans around this system that we will soon start using daily in the official FLYTE headquarters. 

You can expect to buy the following actions to your Instagram posts:

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Story Views

You will also be able to speak with our customer support  about harnessing the power of our system to mass send your own chosen message to a targeted audience. Send 1,000s of custom messages to a targeted audience, reaching new limits for your Instagram needs!

This will come with a premium price tag though, and with any marketing its not guaranteed results. We can guarantee your message is sent to your target audience, but the responses are out of our control. It will depend on the right message hitting the right audience of-course!

- This system is in beta trials, and wont be available to our network right away - stay tuned for updates - plans will be released soon.

Tweaks in our groups

  • Amended new welcome messages in niche groups
  • Amended list size in niche groups
  • In the last few days we have faced severe challenges, with systems not working all over the world, and the constant fluctuation of Instagram updates. 


    Starting from May 25 and for the following days, approximately until May 28, we worked tirelessly to be able to produce a stable version of our system capable of working with the new version of Instagram.


    During those days we have repeatedly reported, and repeatedly held back, that we have successfully completed the updates.


    For this reason we decided to wait a few days before writing this post, and verify that everything was stable and sustainable in the long term.


    Now we can tell: The updates have been applied, and the systems are stable and functional again ⭐


    We are still working on some small updates regarding the control and follow search functions, but our groups are now usable without encountering errors.


    Thank you for your patience and support




If you have any questions about this update please chat directly to @itsflyte


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