How to Guide: Your Membership
Before We get Into the goodies! Here's the link you need to access
We use Telegram (a free App) to ensure effective results and security to members. (If you don't have telegram installed) Tapping the above link will take you onto the landing page, where you will be prompted to download - please download. Once downloaded, open the previous landing page or re-tap the link. This time you can tap to open a chat with our Sales Bot. This Bot is intended to automatically greet you and send over the Memberships. Select a membership suited to your needs.
Please see Video on how to:
 How to Guide: User Manual
Once you've chosen a membership suited to your needs/requirements you will be given access to the appropriate groups. Inside the groups at first may be overwhelming. We have a lot of members but DON'T worry! We will explain a little to prep you here.
You are not required to keep up with requests. Only when you'd like to send a safe link to your post (to get the benefits of the group) will you be required to do anything. 
All groups are similar however rules may vary. Within the Telegram chats please make use of the Info button. We also have Pinned messages at the top of most chats. These are in chats to help further assist with how to use, common problems/issues and more about FLYTE. Groups vary depending on your memberships. 
Although we are happy to answer your more in depth questions/concerns, we kindly ask you familiarise yourself with & make use of all these before reaching out. FLYTE have a fully functional team but we are lacking in availability for one on one customer support - please be patient if you've contacted us, we try and get back to all members.



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